What Is An Acceptable Internet Speed?

A good internet speed ranges from 12 to 25 Mbps. It varies and is affected by so many factors. The average person uses about 50GB of data per month, but it can vary depending on your needs and the type of device you use to access the web. For example, a smartphone will typically have a slower connection than a laptop or desktop computer. 

It also depends on where you live concerning your internet service provider. If you live in a rural area with limited options, your speeds might be lower than someone who lives in an urban area with more ISPs available. 

You should also consider how many people share one connection at home and any other devices using bandwidth when determining what kind of speed you need for your household. Many factors go into determining what the average Internet speed is in your area. Some of them are listed below.


Many parts of rural America are still stuck with slow DSL service or no access at all, while cities tend to have much higher speeds than their suburbs do, even when they’re close together geographically. So location is critical in judging an average internet speed.

The speed of your internet connection is dependent on the location of your router. If you’re in a rural area, it can be challenging to get high-speed internet all the time.

Type of Usage

Different speeds are required for different types of activities. You should know how fast your connection should be to avoid frustrating delays while doing your work. If you’re just checking email and browsing social media, a 2 Mbps connection will probably be fine.

If your data usage is different than the usual, like if you usually stream videos or play online videos games, then your speeds need to be higher than that.

Number of Users

You should also consider how many people in your household are going to use the Internet at once. If there are multiple users, it might make sense to invest in a faster plan so everyone can stay connected without slowing each other down.

The more people present on a network, the more bandwidth will be divided. Keeping this in mind, opt for the ISP that can give you the internet speed that suits you.

You deserve the best possible experience when using the web and reliable service no matter where they may be located in the country. So consider these factors when choosing an ISP.

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