Our Team

Lewis Camacho


Lewis has worked for years as a Corporate Security Manager until he decided to form VPA Net. He deemed all information regarding the internet, especially when it comes to security and research, should be regarded as necessary, especially when a threat may occur, whether in the natural or digital world. He vowed to gather all the information essential to computer technology and hopes to build VPA Net as a great resource for tech junkies.

Madlyn Park

Senior Editor

Madlyn improves the work of our tech writers and goes over writing pieces for content accuracy. She also handles the company’s marketing and is in touch with international tech brands for any of their review needs.

Lucian Benson

Lead Writer

Lucian is an I.T. expert for fortune 500 companies and has also worked as a technology analyst for the tech companies before joining VPA Nettand has hosted multiple Executive Technology Conventions internationally.

Evelyn Rimmer

Computer Scientist, Contributor

Evelyn applies her technological skills and resources to solve IT problems for our company and our clients and readers that need help. She also writes new software to complete tasks quickly and efficiently and develops new functions for both employees or clients.

Rebecca Archer

Lead Correspondent, Writer

Rebecca gathers the most updated information about tech events for our avid readers. She also manages our pool of writers, shaping them into becoming tech experts.” with “Emery, along with other writers, has produced quality content throughout the years that our readers have come to love. We are proud that these fresh writers are working for us and are honed to be the best writers in the industry.