Is Actiontec MI424WR 2.4GHz or 5GHz Compatible?

The Actiontec MI424WR is one of Actiontec’s top routers, and Verizon offers it to its customers for reliable internet connectivity and Wi-Fi access across all devices. You will want to make sure you acquire the correct router, and it is also a good idea to be aware of all the functions available.

If you are curious about the frequencies available on this router for connecting your devices to Wi-Fi, keep reading. This will also assist you in selecting the best Wi-Fi router for your needs. The following are some important details about the Actiontec mi424WR:

Compatibility with 5GHz

It may be a disappointment for you, and you should be aware that the Actiontec mi424WR does not support the 5GHz frequency. So, if you are seeking something more high-end, like gaming or streaming HD material, this router might not be the best option.

The router lacks the necessary components to provide 5GHz Wi-Fi compatibility. As a result, if you are getting it from Verizon or buying it on your own, you should avoid it.

Compatibility with 2.4GHz

However, the 2.4GHz compatibility on the router is excellent, and it goes without saying that if you are not searching for some extremely high-speed applications to deal with this router, you will be enjoying the true power of Actiontec. Simply said, if you do not care about speed and prefer a router with better geographical coverage for your connectivity, this is the router for you.

Because so many resources are focused on the 2.4GHz Wi-Fi frequency module, you will not only get the best possible coverage and stability for your connection but the speed will also be greatly improved, allowing you to enjoy a seamless experience on all 2.4GHz Wi-Fi enabled devices without any issues.

Processing Capacity

There are a few more details of the Actiontec mi424WR that you should be aware of, such as the processing power available. This router is simply capable of managing the majority of your traffic needs and will provide you with the best Wi-Fi connectivity and speed available from your ISP.

With a dual-core CPU, the router is a gigabyte router with just the computing power you need. Furthermore, the router’s 64-bit architecture will provide you with a strong experience.

It also includes other value-added features, such as filtering capabilities for each connected computer and device. In addition to security, this router includes PSK, WPA2 encryption, and MAC filtering, all of which will greatly improve your experience.

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