How Long Do Auto Insurance Claims Take?

Driving in an accident is a huge hassle, no matter how little it may be. A common question following a claim is, “How long does an insurance company have to pay out?” Generally speaking, it takes about 30 days. However, it is subject to change based on a number of different situations. 

Important Points

  • In most cases, insurance claims are resolved within a month.
  • State laws and the nature of the claim influence the amount of time it takes to resolve.
  • Bodily injury claims, on average, take longer to resolve than property damage claims to conclude.
  • After a collision, you may have to wait up to a year or more to submit a claim in some jurisdictions.

An insurance claim might take a lot longer than you anticipate. This is due to the fact that insurance claims aren’t solely dependent on a single entity. A team is needed to complete this task. What you need to do is be available for inquiries. Doing their tasks is essential for the claim adjusters. Both you and the claims adjuster need to be able to deal with the body shop. The entire procedure can be slowed down if one of the participants isn’t cooperating. A claim can be dragged out if there isn’t an appropriate collaboration.

Understanding the Different Kinds of Claims

Besides claims for general liability, accident, and comprehensive coverage, you may file a variety of other sorts of claims, some of which will save you money without having to take a complete blow to your premiums. In the words of the Overett Group Lawyers, they include items like:

  1. Emergency roadside assistance 
  2. Glass replacement
  3. Physical damage claims
  4. Medical claims

Roadside assistance claims are among the most straightforward and cost-effective of these. In fact, several insurance firms provide this as a free service to their customers.

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