How Do I Check Internet Speed On My Computer?

You can check your internet speed in just a few simple steps. It’s easy to do and takes less than five minutes. All you need is an Ethernet cable, which comes with most computers, and a web browser like Chrome or Firefox.

If you want to know if there are any issues with the connection between your router and modem, these tests will let you know right away. This way, you can tell whether you are getting the package you are paying for. Many factors can affect speed, so keep that in mind.

Some top tools, options, and methods to test the speed of your internet are as follows.


For optimal results, you have to connect your laptop with your internet device with an ethernet cable and establish a connection between both devices. The test can be done over Wi-Fi as well. 

You can connect a mobile device with the internet over Wi-Fi and test your internet speed, but it is better to use an ethernet cable for optimized results.


You can open your browser and visit This will take you to the test that will tell you the speed of your internet. Click on the “Go” button to test speed. It will give you the average upload and download speed of your internet.

Ookla App

Ookla app is another type of speed test you can perform to measure your internet’s upload and download speed. It has a friendly interface, and it gives you extra information like your ping and averages. You have to download the app to test your internet’s speed.

You should check your internet speed for multiple reasons, like knowing you are getting precisely what you have paid for, whether you need an upgrade, checking if the devices work properly, or measuring the stress on your network.

By following these steps, you can successfully test your internet speed without much effort.

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