Detecting the Speed of Your Internet Connection

Detecting the Speed of Your Internet Connection

You should check the speed of your internet for multiple reasons like knowing you are getting precisely what you have paid for, whether you need an upgrade, checking if the devices work properly, or measuring the stress on your network.

What you should look for in a test is that it has accuracy, it is easy to perform, it gives out all the information you need, has a good design, and has servers in multiple areas. You should also make sure that the test is bias-free and has the ability to simulate real-world conditions.

If you want to find out how fast is your internet’s upload and download speed, whether it be due to some technical requirement or just because you want to know, you can get help from this article.

We will explain some top tools and methods to test the speed of your internet. Keep in mind that the speed that you measure through these tools and methods, is not final. The speed may vary from second to second and this is an average estimation of your speed.

Here’s a list of some tools and ways you can find the speed of your internet connection.

Ways to Perform Test

Ethernet Connection

For optimal results, you have to connect your laptop with your internet device with an ethernet cable and establish a connection between both devices. 

Wi-Fi Connection

The test can be done over Wi-Fi as well. You can just connect a mobile device with the internet over Wi-Fi and test the speed of your internet but it is better to use an ethernet cable for optimized results.

Tools to Perform Test


You can open your browser and visit This will take you to the test that will tell you the speed of your internet. Click on the “Go” button to test speed. It will give you the average upload and download speed of your internet.


Ookla is another type of speed test you can perform to measure the upload and download speed of your internet. It has a nice interface and it gives you extra information like your ping and averages.

Internet Health Test

This is another test you can use to test the speed of your internet. This also provides extra information which is for the more technical people and more technical solutions.

These are some of the tools, ways, and other information that can help you in finding the perfect way to measure the speed of your internet. 


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