Compare 100Mbps vs. 300Mbps Internet Speed

One of the most important decisions we make when choosing an internet subscription is determining which speed is best for us. The internet speeds of 100Mbps and 300Mbps are vastly different.

Choosing an appropriate internet speed is more difficult than choosing a budget-friendly bundle. Often, you will be offered a low-cost bundle, but the internet speed will not suit your needs, causing you problems. However, both speeds can always be compared.

When it comes to choosing a good internet speed, the first question that comes to mind is 100Mbps vs. 300Mbps.

What Is A Good Internet Connection Speed?

Streaming, downloading, and web browsing speeds above 25 Mbps are good if you require stronger support for your online gaming.

What Is A Fast Internet Connection?

If you have numerous users on the same internet connection at home, you will certainly require faster internet service. Fast speed is defined as 100 Mbps or higher, as it can manage your online activity without interruption.

Now examine whether you desire high-speed internet; who doesn’t? The next step is to choose the most appropriate internet speed while staying within your budget. Let us look at the differences between 100Mbps and 300Mbps so you can make an informed decision.

The Downloading Speed: Most movies are between 2GB and 5GB in size, with excellent download quality, but other audio and video assets, such as music and images, can vary in size.

However, it is dependent on the film’s quality and length. A 4 GB file will take approximately 6 minutes to download a 100Mbps internet speed package and almost 3 minutes if you have a 300Mbps internet speed package.

If you want to download your favorite media from the internet, 300mbps is the speed for you.

Uploading Speed: The uploading speed is affected by the size of the uploaded material. The ugly reality is that internet companies give uploading speeds slower than download speeds. Nonetheless, some of them provide a good service compared to downloading speed. 

Consider the following scenario: We have a 1GB video file and want to evaluate uploading speeds for 100 Mbps and 300 Mbps bundles. Uploading at 100 Mbps takes about 80 seconds, whereas uploading at 300 Mbps takes nearly 30-40 seconds.

Remember that the download and upload times are simply estimates provided to aid comparison. The type of internet activity and the total number of devices connected to your internet device at the time are without a doubt the most important elements that influence internet speed.

Which One Is The Sharing Speed Booster?

If you have an internal network, such as a LAN, the faster the two routers will aid in speed enhancement. If one of your family members wants to share a movie on the router, you do not need the internet.

With the help of your router network, you may easily distribute the movie. As a result, the router speed is the primary determinant of sharing speed. When comparing the speeds of the 100 Mbps and 300 Mbps routers, the 300 Mbps router will provide you with speed more than twice as fast as the 100 Mbps router.

A speed test can be used to compare the two. Several websites can assist you with this. The speed is also determined by the adapter’s, cable’s, and LAN ports’ capabilities.

What Should You Do If You are A Gamer? 

Fortunately, most modern online games do not require a lot of bandwidth. However, some require a stable and strong internet connection to function properly.

To work, some games require better download and upload speeds. Furthermore, the overall speed is affected by the amount of data you are downloading from the internet.

To truly enjoy the online experience, we all believe in jumping right into the action as quickly as possible, which requires an internet speed of 80-100 gigabits. As a result, 100 Mbps may be plenty for all gamers.

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