2 Reason Why You Are Getting All Circuits Are Busy on Verizon

Verizon has grown from strength to strength in recent years, establishing itself as one of the world’s most trusted and used communications providers. And, given the level of competitiveness, these things rarely happen by chance.

When brands like these become household names, it is usually because they have provided something so superior to their competitors that new customers flock in by the thousands. In the instance of Verizon, we can speculate that it is their good connectivity and general service reliability that sets them apart from the competition.

This is particularly true when considering their service in North America. Given that this is possibly the most competitive telecoms region globally, you need to do something extraordinary to secure a significant market share.

Verizon has pulled it off with one of the strongest tower networks globally, working nearly flawlessly in rural and urban areas. However, you would not be reading this if everything worked all of the time smoothly, would you? Even though their network is extremely well-designed and generally efficient, it is not without flaws.

One network issue drew our attention after scouring the internet for frequent Verizon problems. When trying to make a call, many of you get an error message that says, “All circuits are busy.”

Typically, this means that you or the person you are trying to contact is not getting a good signal. However, there could be more to it. So we put together this quick guide to assist you and get things back to normal as soon as possible.

What Causes All Verizon Circuits to Be Busy? How To Fix It?

To narrow down the source of the problem, try contacting a different phone number than the one you were trying to call. If dialing this second number is successful, the fault is most likely on the end of the individual you were trying to contact.

If it does not function, the problem is most likely on your end. It is a simple test, but it can help you figure out what is going on. Here’s what you should do after that.

What Should You Do If You Are Having Issues Dialing All Numbers

If you get the same error message no matter who you call, the chances are that the issue is on your end. This signifies a problem with your network, and you should fix it as quickly as possible.

Given the prevalence of this issue, we have put together this troubleshooting guide to assist you in getting it resolved quickly.

1. Determine whether you are covered.

If you hear the same recorded message every time you try to call, the first thing you should do is double-check your coverage. If you are now in a basement, on a mountain top, or in a large crowd, you may need to leave and try again.

Even if your signal shows that you have a few bars of reception, these scenarios might often cause issues.

If you chance to be in the middle of nowhere, you will see the same impacts. Rural regions are infamous for making it difficult to get a good signal. This is due to the possibility that you are too far away from a Verizon tower.

Even though they cover a large percentage of North America, a few areas are still not covered. If this is the case, you can do a few things that might help.

You may, for example, consider moving to higher ground where nothing will block the signal. This may be sufficient to allow you to make a phone call in some circumstances.

2. Restart your phone.

If the steps above did not work, try restarting the phone. Though it may appear far too easy to be effective, you would be astonished how often it does. Restarting any device, in general, is a wonderful way to clean away any issues that have developed over time.

So, restart it, and there is a strong chance everything will start working again from there. It should reconnect to the network and allow you to make calls once more.

While we are on this subject, there is another suggestion to consider. Remove the SIM card and carefully replace it, ensuring that the alignment is precise. Little problems can arise when the SIM is slightly out of place.

As a result, this tiny tip is worth trying. If this does not fix the problem, call customer care. The issue is most likely caused by Verizon rather than your unique phone at this point.

What should you do if the issue only occurs when dialing one number?

If the problem occurs when you try to call one number, it is not a major issue. Yes, it is inconvenient, but not much can be done. The reason for this is that the issue is not entirely your fault.

The greatest thing you can do in this situation is to assist the individual with trouble and to let them know that something is wrong with their mobile service through other ways.

However, in most situations, this issue will be transient, and you may be able to reach them again in a matter of minutes. If not, you can advise them on what to do if you have read the preceding section.

The Final Word

Unfortunately, the preceding suggestions were the only ones we could locate that was beneficial in any way. So, it would be naive to believe that there are no other options for solving this situation.

If you wonder why your internet connection is not stable, here’s an article on why your internet speed fluctuates.


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