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As a wise business person, you need to take an insurance cover for your company’s truck. Accidents occur every day, and you don’t know if your driver will be the next victim. When such happens, a commercial truck insurance in California will keep you protected from the heat of unavoidable expenses of the accident. These include medical losses, repair costs, and roadside damages cost caused by your driver.  

The only challenge that comes along with insurance covers is that some of them are expensive. For small businesses, you don’t want to incur much into the policy. You, however, seek to earn the best from the insurer. For you to achieve this goal, you need to learn about factors that determine the cost of commercial truck insurance. If you wish to learn more about what these factors are, consider reading the whole text as follows. 


Several factors affect the cost of an insurance cover, which includes;  

  1. Vehicle brand, type, and value 

The brand of the truck refers to the manufacturer. Some brands’ spare parts cost more than the others. Different car brands will, therefore, have different insurance prices as a result of the repair cost. Also, the higher value of the truck means that the cost of the insurance cover will be more. The cost of the cover also depends on the type of car you own. Is it a lorry, a car, pickup, or a minibus? Different models will incur different insurance coverage rates.  

  1. Vehicle storage 

Most of the companies consider the packing space of the vehicle in determining the cost of the insurance cover. A truck parked in the open ground will cost more than one store in a locked fence. If your company owns a garage, you’re even more likely to pay less for the cover. It is therefore essential to consider your truck storage if you’re aiming to save.  

  1. Driver’s history and experience 

Most of the companies will charge more for an insurance cover that includes a driver with less than two years of experience. Also, you need to check on your driver’s history. The insurer will charge more for a driver who has a history of causing accidents in the past. Consider hiring a driver with a clean record, and some years in the driving career.  

  1. Distance covered by your truck

The insurer always considers the distance your truck covers. Long-distance coverage means that you’ll have to pay more for the protection. The shorter the radius you drive, the lower the insurance rates, and therefore, helping you to save more cash.  

  1. Company’s Credit History 

Before you go for a commercial truck insurance cover, always check on your credit history. Insurers tend to charge more to owners who have a wrong credit track. If you have an excellent credit record, you’ll pay less for your insurance cover.  

  1. The weight of the truck 

The importance of your vehicle also determines the insurance cover rates you have to pay. Trucks that weigh more than one ton means you have to pay more for the cover.  

Final Verdict  

The above are some of the factors that influence the cost of an insurance cover. Before you can decide to take the policy, consider checking on all of them, and see if there is somewhere you need to improve. By doing this, there are chances you’ll pay less for your commercial truck coverage.